Fit, Lifestyle June 26, 2017

Body Image: A Shift In Perspective From Burlesque to Stripping

Now that I’m working a more full-time schedule as a trainer, I’m dancing less in the club and picking up more gigs after a bit of a break from burlesque. I work in three industries that center around the body in some way. Because of this I’ve been thinking a lot about body image over the past couple months. But mostly, the drastically different ways both burlesque and stripping have impacted my body image.

Crockpot, Fuel June 12, 2017

Crock-Pot Spicy Chicken Enchilada Stew

I’ve been thinking about kids a lot lately. Maybe it’s the binge watching of Jane the Virgin I’ve been doing on Netflix. Or the influx of kids out playing on the sidewalks this weekend now that the temperatures in New York have hit the 90’s. But I know the underlying reason is it’s the biggest issue my boyfriend and I seem to butt heads on.

Fitshowgirl Spotlight June 1, 2017

June FitShowgirl Spotlight: Carolyn Chiu

a href=””>Fit Showgirl Spotlight June 2017: Carolyn Chiu

After a hiatus far too long, the Fit Showgirl Spotlight is back! My intention for the Fit Showgirl Spotlight has always been to showcase people of varying performance modalities and fitness styles. So it is with great excitement that I introduce the Fit Showgirl Spotlight return with Carolyn Chiu.

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