Adapting to new training routines

Adapting to new training routines – WWL

As I’ve been training my body in different ways over the past two months, it’s been a hard to let go of my normal weight lifting routine. Even though my body is adapting to training for longer hours and different apparatuses, it’s detraining at the same time.

While I acquire new strength gains in my upper body and core, I have less time to get in cardio and lift heavy things at the gym. Everytime I do make it to my regular gym I realize how much I miss lifting heavy things. While holding a handstand leaves me feeling proud, strong and accomplished weight training centers me in a whole different way.
Not only am I training differently I’m doing it more often and for longer hours at a time. Adapting to increased training multiple days a week, week after week, began take it’s toll. My body was tired and sore and not getting enough rest time.

Instead of progressing some days I was finding it challenging to do moves I had mastered. Like getting my head over my ass in a crow pose on the way to a tripod head stand.

I’ve also been sporting some pretty wicked bruises, aka trophies, from my Lyra training. I’m kicking myself for not getting a good photo of them. The backs of my legs and behind my kneecaps are covered in multi-colored polka dots. Rites of Passage as my body also adapts to the new ways in which it is being used to move on and hang from a metal hoop.
It’s not easy to take a step back and let your body rest when you’re excited to master new skills. When diving headfirst into new fitness routines and craving results it’s easy to train to hard and to frequently. The highs of accomplishment can become addictive and ultimately detrimental. Being able to recognize your bodies warning signs of over-reaching and be able to take a few more rest days, and breifly lowering your workout intensity is important.

How in a world bogged down by the notion we should go harder and stronger all the time do we allow ourselves the rest we need without feeling guilty or lazy? Do you struggle with pushing yourself to hard? Or not hard enough?


Sunday: Lyra / Handstand/ Flexibility
Monday: Self-care day with a 90 minute massage & relaxing until my show
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Lyra / Handstand/ Flexibility
Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Lower Body Workout
5 crawl out transformers
10 box jumps low step downs

20 walking lunges 

10 TRX hamstring curls
10 TRX get up lunges
x 2
10 95lbs
7 105 lbs
5 Romanian 
5 115lbs
3 Romanian 
3 125 – New PR! (haven’t deadlifted in months but the gains come much faster now!)
1 Romanian 
Squats & Curtsy Lunge back to back on smith machine 
10- 32lbs
8 – 42bs
6 – 52lbs
4 -72lbs
crunches 15
mountain climbers 15
side plank


Saturday: Girls Day!

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