Quick At Home HIIT Workout

It’s Monday and I hate missing a Monday workout, even though I’ve got some serious upper respiratory issues going on. In fact, I keep coming in and out of sickness. I’ll admit I have such a non-stop schedule I don’t get near as much rest or sleep as I should. Which no doubt is contributing to this lingering bug I can’t shake. I just don’t know how to take it easy.  I did manage to let myself skip a heavy workout at the gym but I compromised by doing a shortened version of one of my go to at home HIIT workouts. I feel better knowing I worked out and got my heart rate up for a bit, even if it was only 15 minutes. Exercise is such a part of my mental well being these days that doing nothing at all on a Monday will throw off my mood for the week.


Equipment needed: Set of Dumbells 5-10lbs
(dependent on your fitness level)

What to Do:
Complete every exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds before next exercise
Rest for 1:30 between each round

Beginners: 2 Rounds
Intermediate: 3 Rounds
Advanced: 4 Rounds

1. Alternating Lunges with Bicep Curl


2. Kick Crunches* 

HITT Workout

3. Bent Over Dumbell Rows with Tricep Kickback
HITT workout





4. Overhead Circle
at home HITT workout






5. Plank Row to Burpee

At Home HITT Workout









6. Crunch and Punch*

at home HITT workout







7. Sumo Squat with Shoulder Press

at Home HITT Workout







*these exercises can be done with a lighter weight than the others. (I used 5lb weights for the * exercise and 8lbs for the rest)

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