This Total Body Bootcamp mixes compound strength moves with cardio intervals. It’s a heart-revving workout that is sure to torch calories and leave you dripping with sweat.

This bootcamp utilizes a box step, dumbbells, a battle rope, stopwatch or timer and all your motivation.  If your gym doesn’t have a battle rope or you plan on working out at home you can jump rope for the timed cardio interval where the battle rope is used.  A heavy and a light set of dumbells are also needed for this total body bootcamp.

The heavy set of dumbbells should be challenging but light enough you can complete all the strength moves.  However, if you find the heavy dumbells you chose are to heavy simply switch them out for the lighter set. 

I find it helpful to print out the workout or write it down on a piece of paper to keep in front of you so that too much time isn’t wasted finding out what comes next between moves.

Grab a bottle of water and get ready to sweat!

Total Body Bootcamp