Weekly Workout Log

Weekly Workout Log

I think I’m finally over the god-forsaken cold that inhabited my body for two weeks. I thought that evil thing would never leave. But thank the glitter goddess it seemed to finally retreat just in time for my travels to the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival! Prepping for travel is always a bit a stressor for me. Trying to find time to run all the last-minute errands, get your nails done, making sure any bills are paid & hitting the bank not to mention actually packing. 

I was finally given a training shift at a new bar, on the one planned free day I had before heading out-of-town. Bonus… I dropped my phone in the dish sink within an hour of arriving to train. Already sleep deprived from working the night before, I didn’t even have the energy to freak out. I dried it for a while in the bathroom and went back to learning the ropes.

Needless to say, my travel to do list was just getting longer and longer. Working at Pumps Monday night and training all day Tuesday meant I only got in one workout before leaving. Plus it left me with only one day to do EVERYTHING. Including pack. I have never packed the day of a trip. EVER. Talk about stress fest. 

I managed to get everything done and made it to work only an hour late but glitter-godesses willing there is no way I’ll ever let that happen again!

What about you, do you typically prep for travel a few days before? Or are you a last-minute packer?

Weekly Workout Log

Monday: Leg Day
Crawl out transformers 10
Single leg step ups 20 each leg
walking lunges – 20reps, 30lb barbell
alternating front squat to wide Squat – both sides – 10reps, 30lb barbell 
deadlift w/bent over row – 15reps, 45lb barbell
kneeling leg extension to fire hydrant with resistance band – 15 each leg 
Tuesday: rest – train at my new job!
Wednesday: Pack/ Work / Fly to Minnesota
Burlexercise at Expertease Fitness & Studio Sweet taught by Deeva Rose
Friday: rest
Saturday: Upper Body at Snap Fitness
lat pull down 70lbs 12reps /12reps /10reps
resistance band rows 25reps /15reps /15reps
lateral arm raises 5lbs 20reps /20reps /20reps
bicep curl to shoulder press 15lbs 12reps /12reps /10reps
bent over barbell row 40lbs 12reps /12reps /12reps 
seated bent over flys 5lbs 15reps /15reps /15reps
cable tricep extension 20lbs 15reps /15reps /12reps
cable bicep curl 30lbs 10reps /10reps /8reps
leg lift with plate chest press 25lbs 15reps/15reps
Sunday: rest

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