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Weekly Workout Log

After the  Minneapolis Burlesque Festival I had a great time visiting my Dad for a few days. Just like when I was growing up, we spent one day driving around hitting all the Daddy Dynamo approved thrift stores. 

There was one moment with a female customer in one of the stores that really got under my skin though. While trying on a jacket I found, I commented to my father about how it was too big in the chest area and I didn’t want to have to alter leather.

The lady shopping in the nexgt aisle was clearly listening in and said to me “eat a sandwich”.

I wanted to say something to her so badly about how inappropriate that was, but since I was with my father I kept my composure. Instead, I simply replied with “No Thank You” in my sweetest bitch tone. “I just mean, I wish I had that problem.” was her only follow-up response.

I really don’t understand this idea of telling other people they need to eat more or to eat less. It’s usually coming from some sort comparison of how they view their own body, or what they think the ideal body is. This doesn’t work though. Everyone’s body is different, has different needs and a different build.

Like most people I have yoyo-ed with my weight over the years. It wasn’t until I started approaching exercise differently after a neck injury that I started focusing on being strong rather than losing weight. However, with that focus also came weight loss because I was also focusing more on what I was putting into my body. 

If this woman knew anything about me, which as a complete stranger how could she, she would know that I eat and I eat a lot. But I also workout a lot because I’m not only fighting genetics I’m working on being my strongest self and my own fit. 

No person is just like you, so why compare yourself?  It doesn’t make sense. If you find yourself judging other people or comparing yourself to them, Stop.  Instead, think about your accomplishments and what you can do to continue to improve yourself… Becoming more active, stronger, more flexible, eating better. Whatever it is that YOU need to be doing.  

Be Your Own Fit, Not Someone Else’s. 

Weekly Workout Log

Monday: 20 minute walk with pops after dinner

Tuesday: 2.75 mile run
*First run in two weeks had to stop early due to a horrible side cramp

Wednesday: fly back to NYC/rest

Thursday: back to the grind/rest

Friday: 30 minute Total Body Workout
run 5 minutes to warm-up
alternating narrow squat to wide squat each side – 10reps, 30lb barbell,
lying chest press with leg lift – 15 reps, 30lb barbell

deadlift with bent over row – 12 reps, 45lb barbell
side lunge with bicep curl – 6reps, 15lb dumbbells

plank row burpees – 10 reps, 10lb dumbbells
stability ball pike ups – 6
stability ball leg lift to arms ball pass – 10

Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

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