Weekly Workout Log

Weekly Workout Log

Sometimes you have to know when to slow down and choose what things in life you can take a tiny break from. This is not my strong suit at all. I want to forge ahead. To keep a full calendar.

The problem here is then being overwhelmed and stressed at not having enough time to accomplish all the tasks you’ve put on your plate.  Some of you may have even noticed I didn’t post my usual weekly workout log post last week and barely got in another post before Friday had come and gone.

Weekly Workout Log

Two weeks ago my plate was just too full. Hell, I only got in two workouts to boot. 

I have five months left of school and five courses to get through. As wonderful as my trip to the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival was I didn’t get any of the school work that I brought with done. That’s completely my own fault, but I had to scramble for a week to catch back up.

Playing catchup plus trying to get in extra shifts at a new job left me feeling spread just a little too thin. I had to do what I said I wasn’t going to do when I started this blog…take a small break from it.This project is my baby and I love it so much, I would gladly spend all my hours a day working on it but sometimes other priorities are just more of a priority.  

I know I’m not the only one guilty of this. Especially within the nightlife world and the constant juggle of a day job and a night job that so many of you have. The juggle that I too had for 3 years. 

Do you find yourself overloading your schedule and calendar too often? Does the day job/night job juggle become a source of stress? How much sleep do you lose trying to fit it all in? And when will you learn to just let yourself drop something for just a little while?

Weekly Workout Log – Two Week Log

Week of 10/17
Monday: Strictly Splits at Femme Body Fitness
First full split on both sides!!
Tuesday: Legs
Crawl out transformers 10
Burpees 10
Walking lunges 20/10 each leg 40lb barbell 
Weighted lateral leg lifts 10/10/6 25lbs
Squat jumps 15 – 20lb barbell
Resistance band donkey kick to fire hydrant 10each leg 
Dead lifts 14/12/10 60lbs
Glute bridges 8 60lbs
Squatted back lunge 5 each leg 12lbs weights
Sumo squat 12 24lb kettlebell
Plank 30 sec
Stability ball leg lifts 15
Plank 40 sec
Stability ball leg lifts 10 
Wednesday: missed the gym
Thursday:  rest
Friday: missed the gym
Saturday: rest
Sunday:  Intro to Hoop at Body & Pole
FIRST EVER HOOP CLASS – It was fun and challenging and I can’t wait to take my second class
Week of 10/24
Tuesday: rest 
Wednesday: 30 Minute Treadmill Workout from Pinterest.
This thing killed me. I got a major side cramp and had to slow down drastically to finish at all.
Thursday: rest
Friday: Leg Day followed by Stretch class at Aerial Arts NYC
*same workout as the week before with progressive overload*
Crawl out transformers 10
Burpees 10
Walking lunges 20/16/12 reps  45lbs/50lbs/60lbs  barbell
Squats 15/15/10r reps  45lb/50barbell 30lbs Dumbbells
*I can’t lift over 50lbs on my shoulders/back because of my neck. Sadly this makes it a challenge to heavy squat.* 
Weighted lateral leg lifts 10reps each leg 25lbs
Weighted donkey kick 10each leg 8lbs/8lbs/10lbs 
Dead lifts 10/8/8/3 reps  65/75/85/95lbs
Glute bridges 10 60lbs x3
Squatted back lunge 5 each leg 12/15/15lbs Dumbbells
Sumo squat  15/15/12 24lb kettlebell
Plank 40 sec
Stability ball leg lifts 15
Plank 50 sec
Stability ball leg lifts 10 
Saturday: 1 mile jog & The Rockport Walking test for school
Sunday: rest

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