Weekly Workout Log & Easing Back into the gym after illness

Weekly Workout Log & Easing Back into the Gym

Making sure you take it easy when getting back into your workout routine after illness is mega important. It’s always best to stay away from the gym completely if you have a fever, you still have a relentless cough and of course until you are no longer contagious. (Don’t be that asshole that gets everyone else sick…..we see you)
I’ve been having a really hard time kicking this cold. I just want to feel normal again. I want to be able to jump out of bed in the morning, not wake up groggy and congested. Lying around is not something I do easily and an entire week away from the gym hasn’t done much to improve the cranky mood I’ve been in from feeling like shit. Since it’s been a week and I still feel pretty run down, I’ve been taking it slow easing back into my workouts at the gym. Workouts that would typically be very light for me  seem much more intense. Illness is a punk like that though, it makes everything more difficult.

Take it slooooooow. You may be feeling a little bit better, your body and muscles will still be weak from being sick. You may want to jump back in to your normal routine but fight that urge. Work at a lower intensity than normal and work slower. If it takes you an hour to complete a 30-minute routine. Thats OKAY! In fact, it’s for the best. I can almost guarantee you that lighter easier workout will feel more intense than your normal routine.  If you start to feel to weak, dizzy or light-headed. STOP. You’re body isn’t ready. Wait a couple more days and try again. 

Take the next day off. It’s best to take a rest day in between each workout until you are 100% healthy. Taking the next day off gives your body more time to recover, which it needs while it’s still sick.  Get some extra sleep while you’re at it. Make sure to slowly increase how often and how long you workout so that you don’t end up delaying your recovery from your illness and causing yourself to be sicker longer. 


Monday: Dead to the world

Tuesday: Dead. Managed to walk to the grocery store but was completely exherted afterwards

Wednesday: No workout but ventured to the library to study – most I’d done in 3 days

Thursday: No workout but I hit 15K steps in my first day back to real life

Friday: Frist day back at the gym!
Low Intensity Total Body Strength & Cardio Workout – but it felt much harder than the really intense workouts I usually do, even though my heart rate stayed at about 130 throughout most of the work. 

Walk 5 minutes on treadmill
Circuit 1
Alternating forward lunge with from & lateral arm raises 8lb dumbbells  – 8 reps 
Walk 2 minutes at incline of 2 at 4.0 pace*
Alternating forward lunge with frontal & lateral arm raises 8lb dumbbells – 8 reps 

Circuit 2
Walk 2 minutes* (repeat same incline & pace through the entire workout)
Squat with bicep curl to shoulder press 15lb dumbbells – 12 reps
Walk 2 minutes*
Squat with bicep curl to shoulder press 15lb dumbbells – 12 reps

Circuit 3
Walk 2 minutes*
Bent over rows 15lb dumbbells – 15 reps
Walk 2 minutes
Bent over rows 15lb dumbbells – 15 reps

Circuit 4
Walk 2 minutes*
Weighted lateral leg lift  15lb dumbbell – 12 reps each leg
Walk 2 minutes
Weighted lateral leg lift 15lb dumbbell – 12 reps each leg

Cool down – Walk 5 minutes 3.0 pace no incline

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Planned for flexibility class but had to cancel to go to a training meeting for a new job. I was quite worn out though after two nights back at work and ended up sleeping 10 hours Sunday night.


  1. I need to try this workout! I have a treadmill and I have the weights. I like the idea of alternating between the two. I’ve been traveling but I do need to get back up to my regular workouts again! Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. I love mixing the treadmill & weights. It makes the workout go by so fast and really gives you a great full body workout! Enjoy! I’d love to hear how it goes after you do it.

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